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TU 1250 Multi-Temp

For up to three different temperature zones

With the new MITSUBISHI TU 1250 Multi-Temp underfloor unit, underfloor installation is possible, for example, for higher cabs or lower box bodies, as the condenser does not need to be mounted on the bulkhead of the box body.

Do you want to cool two or three radially or longitudinally split chambers? The TU 1250 Multi-Temp underfloor unit will fulfil your requirements.

By relocating the condenser section under the box body, a better load distribution with lower load on the front axle is also achieved, which at the same time ensures a quieter environment in the cab.

With the practical remote control, you can conveniently check the system functions from the cab via a digital display and make any setting adjustments.

The robust chassis and trim components with proven corrosion protection, specially designed for underfloor use, are remarkably durable. The standard start/stop system, efficient 3D scroll compressor and output control reduce fuel consumption – it pays off.

The tried and tested components from the MITSUBISHI Group are perfectly coordinated, so that a reliable and functioning refrigeration system can be guaranteed through this high level of vertical integration.


Long maintenance intervals

All main components that require maintenance are easily accessible, making them maintenance-friendly.

Low-maintenance evaporator

The evaporator fans are characterised by generously dimensioned fan scrubbers, high-quality collectors and collector bearings as well as hardened slip rings for low maintenance.

3D Scroll Compressor

Compressor: 125.6 cm³

5.5 kW Fuji-E motor

The powerful electric motor, slow speed with high transmission, is extremely quiet and durable. Another plus is automatic phase detection.


The microprocessor controls all system functions; any faults can be seen digitally by means of error codes on the remote control.


If there is a mains failure, the diesel engine starts up automatically.

Technical specifications

Cooling capacity (ATP tested) TU 1250 Multi-Temp slim evaporator
Up to 0°C max. 12,122 Watts
Up to –20 °C max. 6,483 Watts
Refrigerant R 452 A
Air flow Evaporator L: 2,663 m³/h
  Evaporator MW: 1,974 m³/h
  Evaporator M: 1,368 m³/h
  Evaporator S: 1,003 m³/h
Weight Condenser: 435 kg
  Evaporator L: 50 kg
  Evaporator MW: 37 kg
  Evaporator M: 31 kg
  Evaporator S: 25 kg
Engine Yanmar 3TNV76-XMR / 3 cylinder / 1,116 cm³ / 12.5 kW


The underfloor installation of the  TU 1250 Multi-Temp unit makes it possible to select higher cabs or lower box bodies. This also reduces costs.

The coordinated MITSUBISHI components produce the high cooling capacity.

The compact dimensions of the TU 1250 Multi-Temp unit offer the right size for every requirement.

The chassis and trim components are extremely durable thanks to reliable corrosion protection.

The TU 1250 Multi-Temp underfloor unit has long maintenance intervals.

By using the 3D scroll compressor, the unit generates low emissions and is reduced-noise (65–69 dB(A)).

The start/stop system allows fuel savings despite the powerful electric motor.

The remote control in the cab enables control of all system functions thanks to the microprocessor.

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