"Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Transport Europe"
"MHI Group"


What sets MITSUBISHI transport refrigeration systems apart is their high reliability. But where does this proverbial "Cooling Japan Quality" come from?

Our systems owe their durability and robustness to three factors:

  • Many components and ideas have already proven their worth in other business areas within the MITSUBISHI Group. Experiences from related business areas such as building air conditioning and sea container refrigeration can be adopted and optimised for transport cooling.
  • Due to the very high level of vertical integration, we can guarantee, thanks to our permanent, exacting quality control, that the entire product line complies with our high standards.
  • We focus intensively on practical tests. Before new refrigeration systems are launched on the market, selected customers test our new developments in advance on the road. In this way, we involve experienced practitioners in the further development and optimisation of our products.