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Maintenance contracts

Do what you can do perfectly: Your job, and we take care of everything else as perfectly as you

Play it safe. With our maintenance contracts that are individually tailored to your needs.

Regular, professional service work protects you from breakdowns and failures. We identify in good time where problems could arise in the near future, thus securing your reliable transports.

All service work is carried out with original parts and of course only by trained and certified service technicians.

You have calculable costs. We guarantee you reliable fixed costs over the entire term at individually coordinated payment cycles. In this way, we make your calculation even more reliable.

Individual maintenance contracts

Together with you, we coordinate the scope of services according to your requirements. Many parameters can be designed according to your needs:

  • Is easy, regular maintenance enough for you?
  • Should all necessary repairs be fully covered in addition to maintenance?
  • Should we carry out the legally prescribed tests such as leak tests, temperature recorder tests for you?
  • Should we perform evaporator and condenser cleaning for you?

In addition to the technical questions, many other framework conditions can also be tailored, for example:

  • Term of the contracts
  • Annual operating hours
  • Terms of payment
  • Mobile service
  • Pick-up/delivery service
  • International coverage

We would be happy to create an offer tailored to your needs. Contact us!