"Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Transport Europe"
"MHI Group"


Future-oriented thinking is part of Mitsubishi's brand essence. MTTE also benefits from this long-term perspective.

Our most important topics for the future are:

  • We see the future in purely electric drives. This is why we are consistently pushing ahead with the further development and optimisation of fully electric transport refrigeration systems.
  • Telematics systems are crucial for optimising fleet logistics. MITSUBISHI is the global leader in logistics telematics. As a global corporation, we use our resources to develop efficient telematics applications.
  • "MOVE THE WORLD FORWARD" is our guiding principle. Protecting the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We know that logistics and, above all, temperature-controlled transports are harmful to the environment. That is why we see ourselves as particularly responsible for contributing to the conservation of resources and reducing the emissions generated by refrigerated transports.