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More and more supermarket products require a seamless cold chain. Without refrigerated transport, there would be no fish fingers, chocolate or flowers.

Every product has its particular temperature needs, from deep frozen to chill to fresh. And many, like flowers, are highly sensitive and need extremely precise temperature control. This is why retailers frequently need multi-temperature vehicles where up to three zones must be accurately controlled, even during a multi-drop operation.

The MITSUBISHI TDJS and TU series are particularly well suited to the needs of the retail trade, while the fully electric TE 30 is perfect for "last mile" deliveries.

All three system types are durable, robust, reliable and low-maintenance. This drives down life-cycle costs, a critical factor in the cost-conscious retail trade. The cheapest equipment seldom makes economic sense, since the majority of total life cost comes with operation and maintenance, not purchase price.

Quality and reliability is where a MITSUBISHI transport cooling system scores points.