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Roses, chocolate or fish fingers?

Retail trade without transport refrigeration? Unimaginable! Fish fingers, chocolate or flowers – more and more products available in the supermarket require a seamless cold chain. Reliable transport cooling with safe temperature control during transport is an important component of this. Flowers, for example, do not need to be heavily cooled, but they must only be transported in a very narrow temperature band to keep them fresh.

Accordingly, retailers often also require multi-temperature transports – which places high demands on cooling. Different stable temperature zones in the truck must be ensured, even over several loading and unloading processes.

Our refrigeration solutions from the MITSUBISHI TDJS and TU series are particularly suited to the needs of the retail trade.

The fully electric TE 30 is perfect for "last mile" shipping.

All three system types are durable, robust, reliable and low-maintenance. Accordingly, their life-cycle costs are low. An important factor, especially in cost-conscious food retail. After all, when it comes to the total-cost calculation, it is not just the acquisition costs that count, but also the operating and maintenance costs, as well as the durability. This is where MITSUBISHI's transport cooling system scores points.