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Future is already a reality at MITSUBISHI today

Transport refrigeration logistics without telematics systems? Unthinkable in today's technological world. More and more customers are using telematics to optimise their fleet, MTTE has the products to meet this need.

All current telematics systems can be integrated into MITSUBISHI transport refrigeration systems. This inclusion will reliably deliver a wealth of data to help you, optimise your fleet performance; for many, this is still a vision of the future – predictive analysis.

Imagine a world where the dispatcher can intervene over the air to rectify problems with a refrigeration system, BEFORE the need to call for assistance. And send the truck in for preventive maintenance when it is off duty, instead of waiting for something to breakdown.

A significant challenge for all fleet managers is that transport refrigeration systems are becoming increasingly complex, and their operation frequently requires technical understanding among operators. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers means that demands on operators competence cannot increase at the same pace.

Telematics can help with this skills gap. With precise, easy to understand on-line data, fleet managers can provide instructions and assistance to the operators in the field.

Modern telematics systems can save costs and increase system visibility and availability.