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Sophisticated telematics have become a key element in every transport operation. At MTTE, we have the cutting-edge technology and products to meet this and future needs.

In the past, fleets were operated until there was a breakdown. This led to call-outs, VOR’s and costly downtime. Now, imagine a world where the dispatcher can intervene over the air to rectify a potential problem with a refrigeration system, before the driver even calls for help. And where the truck is booked for preventive maintenance when it is next off duty.  This is not science-fiction, it is happening today.

All our latest telematics solutions can be integrated into MITSUBISHI transport refrigeration systems. The wealth of data they will provide can not only help you optimise your fleet performance but also enable predictive analysis.

As transport refrigeration systems become increasingly complex, operators need a higher level of  technical know-how. But  the shortage of skilled workers makes this goal almost impossible to achieve. By providing precise, easy to understand on-line data, telematics feed fleet managers the information they need to give direction and assistance to their drivers on the road.

Welcome to the future.

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