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TFV 150

Do you hear something? No? But it's running!

MITSUBISHI TFV 150 – the heavy-duty semi-trailer cooling unit! The new MITSUBISHI TFV150 is one of the most modern transport refrigeration systems in its class, providing complete satisfaction and meeting the high demands of the customer in all aspects of everyday logistics.

A significant reduction in fuel consumption, use of the more environmentally-friendly refrigerant R410A, the special MITSUBISHI engine generator system, the highly efficient, hermetic compressor and the unique inverter control – the combination of these features of the MITSUBISHI TFV150 offers the customer a highly efficient refrigeration unit.

The installed MITSUBISHI diesel engine complies with the strict exhaust emission standard EU Stage V. At 65 dB(A) under PIEK conditions, the TFV150 is one of the quietest refrigeration systems in this segment. 

The special MITSUBISHI heat pump system of the TFV150 provides an extremely high heating capacity.

The combination of these many features gives the customer a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly transport refrigeration system.

The MITSUBISHI TFV 150 semi-trailer cooling unit already meets all these current market requirements with the highest reliability and reduced life cycle costs.


Easy maintenance

Easily accessible system components

Few wear parts

Only one V-ribbed belt fitted


Hermetic 3D scroll compressor

Highly efficient and low-wear

Variable control, output-dependent


Electric heating function

Technical specifications

Cooling capacity (ATP tested) TFV 150
at 0°C 14,646 Watt
at -20°C 8,080
Watt Heating capacity at –10°C 17,157
Watt Heating capacity at –20°C 12,402 Watt
Refrigerant R410A
Air flow 5,629 m³/h
S4L2 Weight 770 kg


Thanks to optimum heat pump technology, you can achieve a very high heating capacity with the MITSUBISHI TFV 150. The compressor is controlled by inverter technology.

Due to the constantly low engine speed, the MITSUBISHI TFV 150 is very quiet (approx. 65 dB(A)) and has very low fuel consumption.

Using the greener refrigerant R410A achieves a very low GWP value. It also requires a very small amount of refrigerant.

  MITSUBISHI TFV 150 complies with the strict Stage V emission standard.

User-friendly remote control with LCD display and USB port, multilingual

Fully hermetic 3D scroll compressor, timer function, coordinated main components. low maintenance and follow-up costs

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