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TE 30

Fully electric and battery-powered

The future has already begun at MITSUBISHI, as our forward-looking, all-electric TE30 refrigeration system combines the themes of environment and efficiency at the highest level.

The use of our all-electric MITSUBISHI TE30, operated with the environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant, reduces particulate air pollution and CO2emissions, lowers your maintenance costs and totally fulfils the requirements of urban driving, due to its extremely low-noise operation.

The perfect interaction of the various components is also self-regulating: The low-maintenance MITSUBISHI TE30 adjusts itself to the requirements of your vehicle, thus consuming as little energy as possible, despite maximum output.

They have a cooling capacity of 100% – regardless of the speed of your vehicle engine. In Start/Stop operation, the TE30 automatically switches to the battery power supply so it can function completely independently of your vehicle’s fuel supply.

The combination of these benefits gives you a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly product, aimed directly at guaranteeing the optimal security of your cargo.


Easy maintenance

No refrigerant hoses; hermetic

Few wear parts; few load peaks in belt drive

Long battery life, optimised with integrated battery management system

No tightness test required


Hermetic twin rotary compressor

Highly efficient

Variable control, output-dependent


Technical specifications

*Condenser, evaporator, generator, batteries and fixing materials
Cooling capacity (ATP tested) TE 30 TE30 Multi-Temp
at 0°C 3,019 Watt 2,925 Watt
at -20°C 1,170 Watt 1.229 Watt
Refrigerant R410A R410A
Air flow 732 m²/h depending on system configuration
Weight 177 kg * 197 kg *


MITSUBISHI TE 30 adapts to the demands of your vehicle, consuming as little energy as possible while delivering maximum output.

No matter how high the speed of your vehicle engine – you can achieve 100% cooling capacity.

Drive operation via 24V generator, stand-by operation via 24V battery system for daily delivery activity: The start-stop function remains activated (WLTP) – the TE 30 automatically switches to battery power so it can function independently of your vehicle’s fuel supply. Pre-cooling via 230V power supply, including battery charging.

Due to the very low refrigerant volume, no annual leak test required. The GWP value is very low due to the more environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant.

The closed refrigeration circuit leads to low lifecycle costs.

The remote control (which includes LCD display and USB port) is multilingual and has a timer function.

The Coolline: