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Maximum cooling power and loading capacity

Thanks to the external evaporator, the TDJS 70 bulkhead unit maintains the full loading capacity of the vehicle. Extra payloads are possible due to the low weight. Driving performance also remains unaffected.

The extremely quiet drive of the refrigeration unit is transferred from the vehicle engine while driving by means of V-belts and a magnetic clutch. The efficient and unique 3D scroll compressor provides a very high cooling output even when running at idle speed. The maintenance-free evaporator fans are fully enclosed and allow reliable and highly efficient continuous operation. The exceptionally quiet and reduced-weight stand-by kit for stand-by operation can be mounted underfloor to save space.

As well as the attractive design, the TDJS 70 features high durability and robustness – fuel savings and ease of servicing are added benefits.

You can conveniently and easily adjust settings from the cab and control system functions via the digital display.

The proven components from the MITSUBISHI Group are perfectly coordinated. This high level of vertical integration is the only way to guarantee a reliable and functional refrigeration system.



The Multi-Temp version features a slim evaporator that is only 148 mm high.

Stand-by kit for stand-by refrigeration: The underfloor mounting means there is optimal weight transfer of the electrical drive under the box body behind the front axle. The fully enclosed electrical unit operates with minimal noise emissions. The weight of the stand-by kit has been optimised.

Multi-function valve

The patented valve creates a constant pressure ratio. As a result, more than 75% of the cooling capacity is available even at low speeds. This also makes start-up easier and improves cooling behaviour.

Since the speed of the compressor and thus the cooling capacity depends on the speed of the vehicle engine, exceptional cooling capacity can be provided even in urban traffic or in traffic jams. The TDJS 70 system is therefore ideal for use in distribution transport.


3D Scroll Compressor

High output even when engine is idling

Small size

Extremely lightweight



Easy maintenance

The TDJS 70 has maintenance-free evaporator fans.

Easily accessible system components enable quick work.



Technical specifications

** Weights inclusive of compressor, accessories and piping
  TDJS 70
Cooling capacity (ATP tested) CS 150 Compressor
up to 0°C 7,085 Watt
up to –20 °C 3,858 Watt
Refrigerant R 452 A
Air flow 1,688 m³/h
Weight 97 kg ** drive refrigeration only (without electric motor)
  237 kg ** drive refrigeration and auxiliary cooling (with electric motor)


Not only does the attractive design impress, the device also scores highly thanks to its long service life, robustness, fuel savings and ease of servicing.

The modern remote control gives you full control. It is possible to check the functions of the system from the cab via a digital display and very easily make adjustments.

The TDJS 70 system is almost inaudible in stand-by operation.

The maximum load is achieved thanks to the external evaporator.

The maintenance-free evaporator fans are completely enclosed and ensure reliable continuous operation.

TheMITSUBISHI 3D scroll compressor delivers high output even when the engine is idling.

The multi-function valve ensures consistent pressure ratios, makes start-up easier and improves cooling behaviour. The TDJS 70 system is ideal for distribution transport, as more than 75% of the cooling capacity is available even at low speeds.

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