Trust and competence for the future

Low emission due to the fully electric refrigeration units

Efficient solutions by means of optimal cooperation

Welcome to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Transport Europe in Osnabrück!

Collectively strong for the future

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Transport Europe GmbH (MTTE) is a joint venture company by HEIFO Rüterbories GmbH & Co. KG and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems Ltd. based in Osnabrück.
This combination is how you as our customer will gain an advantage: HEIFO's many years of expertise in the field of transport refrigeration, whose contact persons remain unchanged for you, and Mitsubishi's technically high-developed and efficient products.
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The IAA 2018 –
a positive review!

We would like to say thank you to the many visitors to our fair stand – the consistently positive feedback on the restructuring of our company MTTE gives us exactly the support we would like to use for the future. Thank you for that!
The response to our new, all-electric refrigeration units and our new energy-efficient and eco-friendly semitrailer unit shows us that we are absolutely on the right track – the demand was overwhelming!
Now it´s all about implementation, execution and keeping our promise: Let´s move the world forward.
We will be happy to accompany you on the journey into the future!

Your confidence –
Our desire!

Economical, fully electric, environmentally friendly coolants and low-emission, airtight compressors - Our future-directed refrigeration units ensure living environmental awareness and resource-saving refrigerated transports.

Innovative technology paired with the international MTTE partner network and fast service availability in an emergency ensure 100% cooling capacity. No interruption of the cold chain. Independent of the number of revolutions - at any time.

Various drive technologies, intelligent start/stop operation, self-regulating cooling mode - independent of your vehicle's fuel supply. And still low-maintenance. Always high-performing.

In addition to our all-electric units, efficient motors according to the latest EU standards and our patented 3D scroll compressors ensure a significantly reduced noise level.

E-Mission Possible — the cool units of the future

Our contribution to a Green Footprint.

The future begins today at MTTE, because our advanced products combine environment and efficiency at the highest level. The use of our fully-electric devices, operated with environmentally friendly refrigerants, reduces the fine dust load and CO2 emissions, lowers your maintenance costs and completely meets the urban requirements as they are extremely quiet. The perfect interaction of the most diverse components also functions in a self-regulating manner: Our low-maintenance cooling units adapt to the requirements of your vehicle and thus consume as little energy as possible despite maximum performance, giving you a cooling capacity of 100% - regardless of the speed of your vehicle’s engine. Even in start/stop operation, the cooling units automatically access the battery power supply, so that they function completely independent of the fuel supply in your vehicle. The combination of these advantages creates a highly efficient, environmentally friendly product for you, which guarantees the optimum safety of your transported goods in a targeted manner. MTTE is taking care of the e-mission possible. Feel free to contact us!

The perfect combination for the optimum result

Know-how meets developed technology

The combination of German and Japanese cultures creates a knowledge advantage from which the products and thus you as a customer can only benefit. Central components of the Japanese working culture are the strategic striving for technical perfection and highest quality, teamwork being viewed as natural, trust and cultivation of relationships as a basic requirement of every cooperation. Compliance with the highest standards is regarded as a personal obligation to the market and its employer. These values, combined with the German competence, the tendency to openness, the direct approach even in problematic situations in order to bring about a joint solution as quickly as possible, the preference for long-term planning and punctuality, form the best basis for creating the optimum product. This is what distinguishes MTTE.

Our cooling units are the result of our future-oriented way of thinking, the use of advanced technology, implemented by motivated employees with the highest quality demands. This makes them low-maintenance and extremely reliable.

Mitsubishi's high vertical range of manufacture enables a high degree of flexibility, while the well-established partner network ensures the speed often required - meeting your individual needs is not just a "maybe" for us.

Trust is not only the basis of cooperation, it is a living tradition and we do everything to ensure that you can continue to trust us.

The Japanese standard is fulfilled by permanent and documented quality controls, the use of the most modern methods, carried out by professional and qualified employees.

Our network - your contact persons

Service orientation around the clock

Björn Reckhorn

Managing Director Sales und After Sales

Tel.: 0541 80005-230

Hiroshi Shiraishi

Managing Director Finance

Tel.: 0541 80005-361

Masakazu Kai

Managing Director Engineering

Tel.: 0541 80005-360

Gunnar Kieß

Management Assistant

Tel.: 0541 80005-362

Marcel Schuurmans

International Sales Manager

Tel.: 0151 18267698

Oliver Wawra

Backoffice International Sales

Tel.: 0541 80005-102

Christian Meyer

Sales Manager DACH-Region

Tel.: 0541 80005-150

Georg-Christian Werner

Sales Support

Tel.: 0541 80005-189

Adam Fliegel

Sales North

Tel.: 0172 5331001

Patrick Lück

Sales South and Austria

Tel.: 0172 533 1061

Thomas Blacha

Sales West

Tel.: 0541 80005-197

René Kuekenbrink-Dargel

Warehouse Manager

Tel.: 0541 80005-256

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